Moto Racing 2

Moto Racing 2

Motorcycle racing game with realistic graphics and good sounds
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Motorcycle races are a very popular sport. This game is a digital version of real bike races. In it, you are a biker running in a motorcycle race along a public highway. Your goal is to run faster than the other participants and to arrive to the finish line before anyone else while avoiding the other racers and the vehicles that travel along the highway. .

This may sound simple, but the fact is that you need to have a good command of your vehicle. As with a real motorcycle, you need to manage the speed and direction to avoid crashing with other runners, as well as with cars and protective fences along the road. Since the race is run in a highway, you also need to maintain your vehicle in its corresponding lane to avoid crashing with the vehicles that run in the opposite direction. This may look easy, but a subtle change in the direction can make you skid and lose control of your bike. Nevertheless, the game allows you to increase or decrease the sensibility of your controls so you can drive more confidently.

In general, it is a good race game. It has good, realistic graphics and sounds. I would like to have a firs-person view and the possibility of looking back to see the other competitors running behind me.

Please note that some crash scenes are rather violent, and thus, the game may not be suitable for kids.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Good graphics and sounds
  • Low resource consumption


  • Some scenes are rather violent
  • No first-person view
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